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welcome to Medline Academy

Medline Academy is an Institution that provides an excellent guidance and great encouragement to Nurses all over the world which enable them to appear in the NCLEX RN Examination and successfully gain an Opportunity to pass NCLEX RN Examination and to become a US RN Licence Holder that gives Eligibility to work as a Registered Nurse in USA.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to complete an efficient and faster NCLEX RN Exam Application Processing for qualified Nurse by guiding them promptly in multiple stage of this processing and getting them Eligibility to appear and pass their Nclex RN Exams from various Exam centers in USA, Canada and in India.

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To achieve our goals, we provide the following services to our Applicants Our Services are:

Poviding Comprehensive Nclex RN Exam online and onsight training.

Nclex RN Exam Application processing.

Carry out RN Exam Retake Processing.

Provides Assistance in VISA Screening process.

COMPLETES RN LICENCE Transfer Processing.

Providing services for RN Exam Applicants in collecting their relevant Nursing Documents from various Nursing institutions in india and in sending them to Nursing Boards in USA.

Consultation for Filing Green Card Applications for eligible RNs.

RN Job Placements by Providing the above Services We most effeciently guide and encourage thousands of Nurse to enable them to gain a great opportunity in appearing and passing Nclex RN Examination that gives them eligibility to work as Registered Nurses in USA.